Have you thought about teaching TEFL? Here we have it straight from a TEFL teacher’s (who changed careers) mouth –  Theresa Ohayon’s, 

Theresa Ohayon isn’t only a qualified TEFL (Teaching English for Foreign Languages) teacher, but she also teaches the TEFL course at English Access Gauteng (EAG), for those wanting to pursue a career. Listen carefully to what she has to say…

What is your experience prior teaching TEFL?
TO: I studied Public Relations and Communications, I also have an Advertising Diploma.
Worked in various public relations and advertising agencies, and owned my own advertising agency for 10 years.

How long have you been teaching TEFL?
TO: I have been teaching TEFL since 2012

Can you give us a quick example of the last lesson you taught?
TO: My favorite lesson to teach is how to write using a mind map, looking at the vocabulary and useful phrases needed for the writing task, and then plunging in to teach the structure required, how to connect paragraphs, use of conjunctions and connectors in writing. It is also necessary to teach them what is required in a good writing piece such as style, content, correct grammar, spelling and punctuation and structure.

What is the biggest thing you personally took away from studying TEFL?
TO: I studied Tefl in 2012 and since then the biggest thing that I personally took away from studying TEFL is that teaching English as a foreign language is vastly different to teaching English as a first language. The teacher is required to have a patient demeanor and the ability to elicit response from his/ her students to assess comprehensibility. Also, having a good rapport with students is essential in ensuring that the learning experience is a great one.

Why did you choose to go into teaching?
TO: I have a background in Public relations and Advertising and wanted to immigrate to Israel, therefore I decided to embark on a teaching career and have not looked back.

What qualifications does someone need wanting to study TEFL?
TO: In order to study TEFL a sound understanding and command of the English language is necessary.

Is it easy to make a career move into TEFL?
TO: Yes, all you need is the determination and a suitable character to interact with students. Once you have completed the TEFL course, practical teaching will stand one in good stead.

Tell us about a time when you felt rewarded or satisfied by something you did in a classroom.
TO: There have been many times that I have felt so rewarded in the classroom over so many years of teaching, however the challenge of a weak student who is finally able to succeed has to be my highlight.

How would you go about establishing the needs and objectives of a student?
TO: The needs and objectives of a student is easy to establish at the onset of teaching him / her through verbal, written, reading and listening assessment.

Why would you prompt someone to study TEFL, and why at EAG?
TO: At EAG you are able to not only study the theoretical aspect of teaching, but we provide ample hours of practical teaching within the course. The one-on-one assessment of each student is easy to ensure since our classes are small and conducive to a wonderful learning experience.

Advice for someone wanting to pursue TEFL, and what opportunities are out there?
TO: The best advice is to be diligent whilst studying the TEFL course and focussed on the vision of becoming the best teacher you can be. The opportunities are global and vast for anyone who wants to persue a career in TEFL.

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1.Full Time TEFL starting 20 August
2.Part Time TEFL starting 21 August

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