EFL English as a Foreign Language – Extensive Course

EFL English as a Foreign Language – Extensive Course

EFL- English as a Foreign Language – Extensive Course

Every day study for serious students who need to make quick progress!
Includes 4 afternoon sessions 13h30 – 15h00, Monday – Thursday

R10,000.00  for eight weeks / Study material: R600.00 2 Headway Books


The EAG Certificate Course in EFL will develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills to the level of proficiency required for further academic studies or entry into the business environment. Learning to speak English fluently will enable you to interact with confidence in all social contexts.

Our classes are based on the internationally recognized Headway books from Oxford University Press. The programme is divided into six levels of English proficiency, namely Beginner, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced. 

The intensive English course is 8 weeks long (120 hours) and runs every day from Monday to Friday from 9h00 to 12h30. There is also a more intensive course which runs from Monday to Thursday from 9h00 to 15h00 and on Fridays from 9h00 to 12h30. For the students who don’t want a full-time course, we have a part-time course which is only 3 times a week from 9h00 – 12h30.

Admission requirements and certification

There is no minimum admission requirement. Learners ranging in proficiency from absolute beginners to fairly proficient will be admitted to the programme. All applicants are required to write a placement test to assess their level of English proficiency before lessons can start.

After doing a placement test to assess their level, students join the class of their level taught by experienced and qualified teachers who are dedicated not only to ensuring the student’s progress, but to making the learning experience relaxing and enjoyable.

Why should I do the EFL course?

When coming to South Africa as a foreign national, learning English will be one of the first things to do. If you want to explore our beautiful country, its rich culture, and interact with the multi-cultural people of South Africa, speaking English is a must. 

This is also the ideal programme for learners who believe that their spoken and / or written English will not meet the requirements of tertiary study or the workplace. The EFL course prepares you for further academic studies or to enter into the business environment.

Our programme is aimed at both foreign and second language users of English who want to improve their knowledge and skills in all areas of English. The programme helps learners to build the competence and confidence they need to use English on a daily basis in all aspects of their lives.


Frequent outings are arranged to places of interest in and around Johannesburg.It gives students the chance to socialise with other students and to get to know more about their adopted city.


For international students, a Host Family arrangement can be offered.  This is especially an option for students who seek greater immersion in South African culture and English Language. It is also beneficial to the family to assist the student in language acquisition and to broaden understanding between cultures. The student choses this arrangement as a “home away from home”.

The housing offers a room, cleaning, meals, laundry, transport to and from the school and WIFI access.

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